Welcome to My Practice

I’m a Physiatrist (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician) with a passion for healing and optimizing the human body. My practice focuses on the science-based treatment of chronic pain and other similar conditions.

I know from personal experience how hard it is to deal with pain that won’t go away. And I’ve seen from both sides of the medical system (as a patient and as a physician) the issues with the way pain is often treated. The big issue is that pain is not just a structural problem. It is a whole-body problem. What is often treated as a purely physical condition needs to be treated from a whole-person perspective.

My goal is to deconstruct your pain - starting with an understanding of the science of pain then applying it together to your unique situation. My approach can be called functional, integrative, or mind-body medicine. Regardless of what you call it, the goal is to help anyone suffering from pain improve.

I’ve built this practice to bring back many of the ideals that have gotten lost in the practice of medicine. As a patient, you should know your doctor well and have the time to have all your questions answered. I offer long appointments where I look to get to know both your medical history and you as a person.

This is my passion project. It is my way of practicing medicine the way it should be, with a personal touch and individualized care. It brings me great joy to help each of my patients along the path to healing.

There is no reason why you should have to live in pain for your whole life. There is a way out, and I am happy to help guide your way.