Welcome to My Practice

I’m a physician with a passion for healing and optimizing the human body. My practice focuses on the science-based treatment of chronic pain and other similar conditions.

In my career as a physician, I have seen firsthand the inadequacies of the way our medical system treats people in pain.

Opiates, injections, and surgeries are the classic approaches. But in my experience (and as shown in the research), these treatments are often ineffective. I’ve seen too many patients go through procedure after procedure only to still be in pain afterwards.

Pain is not just a structural problem. Its a whole body problem. What is treated as a purely physical or biomechanical condition should instead be treated from a whole-person perspective. This is backed up by the latest scientific research into pain treatment.

My goal is to deconstruct your pain - starting with an understanding of the science of pain then applying it together to your unique situation.

I’ve built this practice to run counter to everything broken in the traditional treatment of pain. This means:

  • One-on-one care - I get to know each of my patients and their medical histories in-depth

  • No rushed appointments, I block 1 hour for every appointment

  • The best treatment for you as an individual person

  • A focus on optimum health instead of basic care

  • Support, empathy, and empowerment on your healing journey

This is my passion project. Its my way of practicing medicine the way it should be, with a personal touch and individualized care.

There is no reason why you should have to live in pain for your whole life. There is a way out, and I am happy to help guide your way.